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Success stories from our partners

Real-world examples of how Arc53 has helped organizations achieve their goals

DocsGPT Update v0.5.0
DocsGPT Update v0.5.0

Update brings a wave of enhancements including CPU inference, Elasticsearch integration, and a cleaner backend, paired with the addition of the Hugging Face inference and an npm widget. We focused on optimizing performance, improving search functionality, and expanding accessibility.

DocsGPT Update v0.3.0
DocsGPT V0.3.0

The latest release introduces a lot of advancements including answer streaming, history, widget, and other features, all bundled together with an array of bugfixes and quality of life improvements. This update ensures more intuitive and engaging user experience but also a more robust and seamless performance.

Vashe Zoloto preview card
Vashe Zoloto

Created a personalised marketing campaign using only receipts data from their physical and online stores. After streamlining the data cleaning process and feeding it to one place, we enriched and recreated unique customer profiles. We then connected the data to PersonalisationAI, creating customised and automated marketing campaigns.


Set of models tailored for the tasks you've been waiting for – from Documentation-based QA, RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), to assisting developers and technical support teams by chatting with your data. DocsGPT LLM's are designed to engage in conversation using documents/data types of tasks.

DocsGPT Update v0.2.0
DocsGPT V0.2.0

We are excited to announce the release of DocsGPT v0.2.0, which brings new features and improvements, including a built-in file ingester, Docker support, and ingester changes. This update also addresses bug fixes and stability improvements, making the user experience better than ever.

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Rudolf Riegler III

To increase conversions and retention, we first implemented a data tracking system to monitor customer behaviour and engagement across all channels, including email campaigns and website interactions. Using this data, we developed personalised marketing strategies based on each customer's preferences, which led to a significant increase in conversion rates.