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DocsGPT and Text to Speech
Personalised podcast with DocsGPT

As a developer, staying updated with the latest research was tough until I leveraged DocsGPT. Creating audio reviews of scientific papers now lets me listen to new developments on the go. Here's how you can do it too. Automations like this, powered by DocsGPT, transform document interaction and save time.

DocsGPT v0.9.0
DocsGPT v0.9.0

The latest update enhancing favorite AI assistant with API key generation, customizable search capabilities using DuckDuckGo and Brave, multi-file uploads, and more. Experience a more powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly app designed to streamline your document interactions and expand your technological capabilities.

DocsGPT widget installation guide
DocsGPT Widget and New API Keys

In this guide discover how to enhance your web applications with the DocsGPT Widget and our new API keys. Enjoy free access to GPT-4 powered documentation assistance and elevate user experience without any cost until May. Begin your journey towards a more interactive, engaging, and intelligent web application today!

Docs gpt setttings guide
Prompt Settings and K Values

Whether you're seeking precise answers, generating content, or exploring complex datasets, how you engage with DocsGPT can dramatically affect the quality and utility of its outputs. This guide is designed to unveil the significance of prompt settings and K values in enhancing your DocsGPT experience.

fine-tune embeddings
How to fine-tune embeddings

Discover the art of fine-tuning embeddings for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to achieve superior information retrieval efficiency and accuracy. Explore essential loss functions and their impactful benefits to elevate your RAG applications.

DocsGPT v0.7.0
DocsGPT v0.7.0

Another milestone in our continuous journey of innovation and user-centric development. This update introduces public LLM endpoint, MongoDB Atlas integration, dark theme, and other essential updates, designed to streamline your experience and protect your eyes while handling documents.

Benchmarking Large Language Models
Benchmarking LLMs

Explore the critical role of benchmarking in the development and optimization of Large Language Models. Dive into detailed insights on methods like metric evaluations, advanced model judges, and the balance between human reviews and automated assessments. Learn how to identify the best LLM for you.

DocsGPT Update v0.5.0
DocsGPT Update v0.5.0

Update brings a wave of enhancements including CPU inference, Elasticsearch integration, and a cleaner backend, paired with the addition of the Hugging Face inference and an npm widget. We focused on optimizing performance, improving search functionality, and expanding accessibility.

DocsGPT Update v0.3.0
DocsGPT V0.3.0

The latest release introduces a lot of advancements including answer streaming, history, widget, and other features, all bundled together with an array of bugfixes and quality of life improvements. This update ensures more intuitive and engaging user experience but also a more robust and seamless performance.

Vashe Zoloto preview card
Vashe Zoloto

Created a personalised marketing campaign using only receipts data from their physical and online stores. After streamlining the data cleaning process and feeding it to one place, we enriched and recreated unique customer profiles. We then connected the data to PersonalisationAI, creating customised and automated marketing campaigns.

Setting up DocsGPT on Raspberry Pi
DocsGPT on Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install and configure DocsGPT on a Raspberry Pi with our detailed guide. Discover the simplicity of setting up a personal AI assistant on compact systems, including tips for troubleshooting common issues and optimizing performance.

Beyond code article
Beyond the Code

Discover how DocsGPT transcends programming to revolutionize tasks in cooking, consulting, investing, and research. Learn about its capabilities to compare, analyze, and synthesize information across industries, making work more efficient and insightful. Embrace the future with an AI assistant that's reshaping professional workflows everywhere.

AI spotlight
AI Spotlight I

Dive into AI Spotlight's first edition as we explore groundbreaking AI models like Claude 3 Opus and Cohere Command R, alongside the promising futures of Gemini 1.5 Pro and Grok. Discover the advancements redefining AI capabilities and their real-world applications in DocsGPT.

DocsGPT v0.8.0
DocsGPT v0.8.0

Discover the latest update transforming document management. Featuring remote website uploads, an enhanced widget, mock server capabilities, and Qdrant vectorstore integration. Elevate your documentation experience with improved usability and efficiency. Try now!

Embeddings and MongoDB Atlas
Embeddings and MongoDB Atlas

Dive into the essentials of embedding models, understand their significance in AI applications, and learn about the advantages of integrating MongoDB Atlas for efficient data management. Discover the step-by-step guide to setting up DocsGPT with MongoDB, enhancing your AI projects' efficiency and scalability.

DocsGPT on AWS Sagemaker
DocsGPT-7b on Sagemaker

A step-by-step tutorial on deploying DocsGPT-7B-Mistral (and other LLMs) on AWS SageMaker. It covers everything from setting up your SageMaker environment with the appropriate dependencies and permissions, to configuring and deploying your custom LLM using HuggingFace's image.

DocsGPT v0.6.0
DocsGPT v0.6.0

We are excited to announce the release of DocsGPT version 0.6.0. This update brings settings menu, new llm's (Mistral and Anthropic), suite of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. We've addressed numerous issues further enhancing the platform's capabilities.


Set of models tailored for the tasks you've been waiting for – from Documentation-based QA, RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), to assisting developers and technical support teams by chatting with your data. DocsGPT LLM's are designed to engage in conversation using documents/data types of tasks.

DocsGPT Update v0.2.0
DocsGPT V0.2.0

We are excited to announce the release of DocsGPT v0.2.0, which brings new features and improvements, including a built-in file ingester, Docker support, and ingester changes. This update also addresses bug fixes and stability improvements, making the user experience better than ever.

Rudolf preview card
Rudolf Riegler III

To increase conversions and retention, we first implemented a data tracking system to monitor customer behaviour and engagement across all channels, including email campaigns and website interactions. We developed personalised marketing strategies based on each customer's preferences, which led to a significant increase in conversion rates.