V09 update

DocsGPT v0.9.0: API Key Generation and More

Powering Enhanced Integration and Search Capabilities

We are thrilled to introduce the next evolution of DocsGPT with version 0.9.0. This update marks a significant advancement in our documentation management platform, making it more powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly than ever before. DocsGPT v0.9.0 comes packed with new features and enhancements designed to streamline your documentation processes and broaden the ways you can leverage our technology.

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Generating API keys

API Keys

Unlock the full potential of DocsGPT directly from your applications. With the new API key creation feature, available in settings or via API, you can generate a key linked with the model and a document of your choice. This key can be used to power our website widget, helping you deliver a more dynamic experience to your users or your external application.

Information Retrievers

In our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive and precise information, DocsGPT now includes a new retrieval method leveraging DuckDuckGo Search. This allows the LLM model to fetch the most relevant information from the web. Additionally, for those operating a self-hosted version of DocsGPT, we have introduced a retriever utilizing Brave browser search. This feature requires an API key from Brave and can be enabled in the settings. Thanks to significant backend code enhancements, integration of new retrievers is simplified.

Customizable K Number

Adapt DocsGPT to your specific needs with the new setting to change the number of chunks processed per query. This customizable feature, accessible via GUI settings, lets you balance speed and detail by adjusting the "K number" to either limit or extend the amount of information the model considers before providing an answer.

K number in the settings

Multi-File Uploads

Enhance your efficiency with our improved upload functionality. Now, you can select and upload multiple files simultaneously without the need to zip them, streamlining the document management process.

As with every update, we've removed numerous bugs and fine-tuned our system to ensure that your experience with DocsGPT is as smooth and reliable as possible. We invite you to dive into version 0.9.0, explore its robust new features, and join us in pushing the boundaries of documentation technology. Stay connected with us on GitHub, Discord, and X. for the latest developments and to be part of our evolving story.

Join Us on the Journey of Continuous Improvement

Discover how DocsGPT v0.9.0 can transform your document management and interaction, making it not just easier, ut more integrated and powerful. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. πŸš€πŸ“š