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LexEU: AI-Powered Legal Support

Revolutionizing EU Legal Assistance with DocsGPT

LexEU , a company providing legal support and answers to EU legal questions, has successfully integrated DocsGPT into their operations. This integration has enabled them to provide fast, unbiased, and multilingual answers to a wide range of legal queries. The company's journey with DocsGPT began with AI Krpan , where they used the AI assistant to provide legal support for Slovenian law. After seeing the positive results and adoption by attorneys and lawyers, they expanded to EU laws with LexEU.

Token Ingestion and Custom Vector Knowledge Base

Encouraged by the positive reception of AI Krpan, LexEU expanded their horizons and launched LexEU to address legal questions across the entire European Union. This ambitious move required an even more robust and scalable AI solution. DocsGPT was the perfect fit.

To support the vast and diverse body of EU laws, we ingested more than a billion tokens to create a custom vector knowledge base. This extensive dataset enabled the LLM to provide precise, unbiased, and multilingual answers, catering to the diverse linguistic landscape of the EU.

LexEU's Impact

Fine-Tuning Embeddings and Model Selection

Fine-tuning embeddings is a crucial step in adapting pre-trained models to specific domains. Given the vast body of EU laws, we fine-tuned the embeddings to ensure that DocsGPT could quickly and accurately provide relevant legal information. This process was essential in managing the extensive and diverse source data, allowing the AI to fetch precise information efficiently.

Selecting the right model is equally important, as different models excel in various tasks. For LexEU, choosing an optimal model tailored to their use case was vital in achieving high-quality results. Statistics show that 70% of attorneys and lawyers who evaluated the product liked it, and 30% adopted it for their daily tasks, demonstrating the effectiveness of this tailored approach.

Impact on Legal Accessibility

The impact of LexEU's AI-driven legal support extends far beyond operational efficiency. By providing fast, accurate, and affordable legal advice, LexEU contributes to upholding the rule of law and ensuring basic rights for individuals across Europe. This democratization of legal information empowers citizens, making legal support accessible to those who may otherwise be unable to afford it.

Final Thoughts

LexEU's successful integration of DocsGPT into their operations underscores the immense potential of AI assistants in the legal field. By leveraging DocsGPT, LexEU has been able to deliver fast, unbiased, and multilingual answers to a wide range of EU legal questions. As LexEU continues to expand its services, DocsGPT will remain a pivotal component, empowering the company to consistently provide high-quality legal support to their clients. This partnership exemplifies the transformative impact of AI on enhancing legal accessibility and operational efficiency.

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