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Vashe Zoloto's Success with PersonalisationAI

The Impact of personalisation on sales and customer engagement

Transforming marketing strategy with personalisation

Vashe Zoloto, a jewellery company, approached Arc53 with a challenge: create a personalised marketing campaign using only receipts data from their physical and online stores. After streamlining the data cleaning process and feeding it to one place, we enriched and recreated unique customer profiles. We then connected the data to PersonalisationAI, creating customised and automated marketing campaigns.

To prove the efficiency of PersonalisationAI, we were allowed to conduct an AB test on a sample of 10,000 clients, divided into three equal groups. Each group received an email newsletter at the same time, with group A being the control group containing usual offers and no personalisation for the client. Group B was personalised using PersonalisationAI to tailor offers to each customer, and group C was Amazon personalise.

The results spoke for themselves. In emails without personalisation, only every fifth person followed the links. When using Amazon’s tool, this metric increased to four, but in emails where our AI was implemented, every second client followed the links. Clients who clicked at least one link in an email without personalisation made an average of 1.4 clicks, while personalised campaigns from Amazon resulted in an average of 1.6 clicks. In emails where the Arc53 recommendation system was used, this metric increased to 2.3 clicks.

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The results of Vashe Zoloto's AB test

The implementation of PersonalisationAI not only increased the overall click-through rate, but it also shifted the focus of clicks towards the advertised products. Before the implementation, the majority of clicks were on non-product elements such as the top banner, logo, and catalog links. While Amazon's personalisation had some effect, the top banner remained the most clicked element. However, after the implementation of our personalisation system, the three most clicked links were all the advertised product spaces. This demonstrates how PersonalisationAI can significantly influence customer behaviour towards product engagement, leading to increased sales and revenue for businesses.

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Moreover, 5% of customers who received the PersonalisationAI email returned and re-clicked on the same item that they had clicked previously, compared to 0% without personalisation. This resulted in a staggering 260% increase in the number of orders compared to the system without personalisation.

PersonalisationAI has proven to be a game-changer for Vashe Zoloto, as it helped increase their sales and conversion rates. Its flexibility and integration options make it a perfect fit for any business looking to improve their customer experience. If you want to experience the same success as Vashe Zoloto, contact us today and start your journey with PersonalisationAI.

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