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Flexible and Open

DocsGPT is a powerful tool that simplifies working with documentation for everyone. It is capable of ingesting data from multiple sources, easily customisable with new sources as well as having conversations in different places from website chat bots to internal tooling. Adapt your documentation to the future, deliver better processes for your team and customers with DocsGPT.

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Powerful Language models

DocsGPT is a highly flexible tool that offers users the freedom to work with both open source and proprietary models. In addition to this, Arc53 provides a customized optimized model tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual users. With DocsGPT, you can continue to fine-tune your model or switch to a different provider with ease, thanks to its platform-agnostic nature. If you prefer to host everything on-premises, that option is also available to you.

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Improve productivity and onboarding

Whether you're bringing a new team member or client onboard, comprehending documentation can be personalized and engaging, freeing up time for your technical team who would otherwise be answering the same questions repeatedly. By allowing DocsGPT to handle the learning process, your team can focus on improving your product.

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